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I would like a loan for

1000 php
30000 php
  • Your loan:5000 php
  • Interest until DD-MM-YYYY:
  • Processing Fee:
  • First Payment Date:DD-MM-YYYY
  • Minimum Payment:150 php
  • Full Payment:5120 php

Sample calculation: You apply for PHP 1 000 with interest rate of 1.3% and processing fee set at PHP 100. If you choose to make full repayment 30 days after - you have to pay PHP 1 490 (loan 1000, interest 390, fee 100). If you decide only to pay minimum monthly payments, then you first miminum monthly payment will be PHP 520 (loan repayment 30, interest 390, fee 100) and you will fully repay your loan in 10 months.

Simple and Efficient

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  • Await the confirmation. You may receive a call from our customer service representative

  • Withdraw the approved credit. Funds will be transferred to your bank account or e-wallet

  • Flexible repayment options. Choose to repay loan entirely anytime or pay back by minimum monthly payments

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    Loyalty programs that offer discounts and flexible terms to returning customers

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    We value your privacy and have built our system ensuring your data stays secured

Who can use our service?

  • 20-65 years old
  • Employed individuals and selected professionals
  • Filipino residents

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