Loan Application

What is the term I can apply for?

Your first loan term is 10 days. You can either pay the entire loan amount or if choosing minimum monthly payments, afterwhich you will be invoiced every 30 days (if you have an outstanding balance) - the term can range from few months to few years, depending on your loan amount.

What are the loan costs?

The daily interest rate is 1.3% for remaining unpaid loan principal. A processing fee of PHP 100 is billed every invoice to cover our partners' fees for the maintenance of your credit line with us.

How soon my loan application will be reviewed?

We strive to review your loan application on the same working day and as soon as possible. Please be ready to await a call from our operator for verification and make sure that your references can take our call as well. Please note that we operate only during working days.

How to get the status of my loan application?

You can always follow the current status by logging into your Vamo profile. We will also send you an email and SMS on the result of your loan application.

How to sign the contract?

Enter your account, once again confirm your loan amount, review, study and understand the contract and press SUBMIT. It is as easy as it sounds!

Who can apply?

Filipino citizens, aged 20-65, living and working in the Philippines, with a valid ID.

I have other question about my loan application.

Please contact our customer service via email - support@vamo.ph. Or you can call us to our Globe Telecom number +63 917-706-9834 or Smart Telecom: +63 947-896-4568

What information do I need to submit for registration?

1. ID information  - we require the NUMBER of either GSIS or SSS identification, full name, and date of birth.

2. Communication information - phone and email.

3. Address information - your current and permanent address.

4. Employment information - what kind of work you do.

5. Financial information - what is your current income and expenses.

6. Contact references - phone number of a family member and your colleague/HR department/supervisor phone number.

7. Payout information - bank account or one of e-wallets - GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya.

8. Upload a photo of your physical ID document - can be either SSS, GSIS, TIN or Passport.

I started my registration but I want to finish it later.

As far as you have received email from us that your account has been created - you can finish your loan application within 1 week by entering your client account.

What should be my employment status?

You should be employed either by the government or a private company, you can be self-employed or own a private business.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from PHP 1 000 to 30 000, however the final limit will always be reflected in your account.

Receiving Money

Where can I receive my loan?

The loan will be disbursed directly to your nominated bank or e-wallet account which you registered with us.

How soon will I receive my loan after it has been approved?

If your loan was approved before 12.30 PM, you will receive the loan the same day. If your loan was approved after 12.30 PM, you will receive the loan the next working day (non-working days are Saturdays, Sundays and the Philippines national holidays). Clearing periods will depend on your chosen bank or e-wallet provider.

I have not received my loan to my bank account or e-wallet.

If you have not received your loan by the next working day, please contact our customer service - support@vamo.ph

I see in my account that payout has failed.

Please await a call from our customer service team. It might be that your payment details were incorrect.

Repaying My Loan

What if my due date falls on holidays?

We encourage you to make the payment in the morning of the last working day before your due date so the payment would arrive timely. If you are unable to do that, please contact our customer service - support@vamo.ph

Can I change my due date?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such option.

Can I make the payment earlier?

Yes, you can make the payment earlier anytime. Afterwards, please check your loan information in client account.

I encountered a problem during payment process

Please contact DragonPay customer service - support@dragonpay.ph. Or look for other details in the email you received from DragonPay.

I have not received an email with payment instructions from DragonPay.

Please contact DragonPay customer service - support@dragonpay.ph

When should I pay?

Your first loan has a fixed term of 10 days. You can then decide - either to entirely repay the loan or pay minimum monthly payment. If you choose to pay only the minimum amount, your billing cycle is 30 days after your first due date.  If choosing to pay minimum monthly payments, the following due dates will always be on the same date of the month. Example: your first due date is September 15, your following due dates will be on October 15, November 15, etc.

How to validate my payment with DragonPay?

Please follow the instructions that were sent to your email from DragonPay.

Can I use my reference number twice?

You can use it only once. Please contact DragonPay customer service if you have encountered problem with reference number - support@dragonpay.ph

How soon is the payment processed?

If the payment process is successful, the payment will be processed within 1 hour. Please note that over-the-counter banking may have longer processing times.

How can I know my payment status?

If you payment will be successful, you will receive an email and SMS from us. Also, you will see your loan information updated in your account.

What if I am late with my payment?

You will be charged with additional interest and fee if you will pay later than your due date.

How much should I pay?

You will always receive an invoice 3 to 10 days before your date with all the payment information. Alternatively, you can check payment information in your client account.

How should I make the payment?

Please login to your account, choose the payment type and method, complete the payment in your online banking or e-wallet, or follow the instructions that you received to your registered email.

What payment methods are supported?

We currently support online and over-the-counter banking from such banks as Asia United Bank, BDO, BPI, BPI Family Savings, Chinabank, Eastwest, Landbank, Metrobank, PNB, RCBC, RCBC MyWallet, RCBC Savings, Robinsons Bank, Security Bank, UCPB, Unionbank, Unionbank EON, Asia United Bank. Supported e-wallets are: GCash, GrabPay and PayMaya.

Taking Another Loan

Who can apply for another loan?

All Vamo registered customers can apply for another loan once their current loan has been paid back in full.

How to apply for another loan?

Repay your current loan in full and apply for the next loan in your client account.

How much can I borrow for my next loan?

You can borrow from PHP 1 000 to 30 000, however the final limit will always be reflected in your account.

Other Issues

I could not complete my registration due to a technical issue

Please contact Vamo customer service and inform about the technical issue.

I entered wrong bank details.

Please contact Vamo customer service and inform about this situation. Beforehand, please make sure to prepare correct payment details.

I don't receive emails or SMS.

Please contact Vamo customer service and inform about this situation.

Can I update my personal information?

You are only permitted to change your last name, phone number, email and address information in your client account.

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