How to Repay

Vamo offers a new and a flexible way to repay your loan!
Choose to pay between the minimum or full repayment amount. The choice is yours!


What is the minimum monthly payment?

It is a flexible solution if you wish to repay your loan for a longer term. It covers some amount of principal and added interest.


How many minimum monthly payments should I make to repay my loan?

It entirely depends on your loan amount. Bigger loans will have longer repayment terms. Remember that you can pay back in full anytime!


When should I make the payment?

Your due date will always be reflected in your account and contract. 3 to 10 days before we will send you an invoice to your email so you can follow up!


Can you guide me step by step?

Sure! Your first step is to login to your account.

1. Make the choice of your payment - you can pay the minimum monthly payment, make a full repayment or make a partial repayment if you wish to pay more than minimum monthly payment.

2. Click on MAKE A PAYMENT and enter the payment window.

3. Choose the payment method of your choice - via online banking, over-the-counter banking or e-wallets (Gcash, Grabpay, Paymaya).

4. Some online banks and e-wallets support immediate re-direct to their interfaces where you can make the payment.

5. For other online banks and over-the-counter banking, you will receive payment instructions to your email.

6. Always make sure that your reference number is correct, only then the payment will be correctly recognized.

7. Save the receipt or other confirmation details and validate the payment according to the instructions from the email. Be quick - validate your payments within 60 minutes for online banks and within 48 hours for over-the-counter and ATM payments.

8. For any help during the payment process, please contact DragonPay customer service as indicated in your email.

9. In case of successful payment, you will receive confirmation via email and your loan information automatically updated in your account.


What if I am late with my payment?

We strongly advise to contact Vamo customer service immediately if you think you will make a late payment. You will be applied with additional interest and fee if you miss a timely payment of your invoice.

Need help?

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